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Star Stable Free Star Coins

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I love Star Stable it’s amazing! I love it so much I paid 64 dollars for life time star rider. everyone on there is nice and I mean everyone it’s so fun and unlike other PC horse games you can do anything you want it’s so so so good I play it 24/7.

I really want to play this game, it looks so cool but when I’m downloading it, it goes up to 100% then it just stays at 100%.. I have left it on for about a half an hour to see if it just took longer maybe.. star stable free star coins but I have tried it continuously by refreshing the page over and over, I am using Mozilla Firefox, my internet connection is fast and I don’t know why this is happening 😦 please HELP me! Thanks so much.

This game is amazing. Only complaint is not being a star rider, before I became one I was super bored, and like all games with memberships, it is totally unfair bc star riders get way more advantages. And waiting an entire day or paying for it to skip a day, quests annoy me. And right now, I have to keep doing my soul rider training until the sun circle likes me, or wait for the weekly quest updates, I have NO quests! I mean, other than that the site is great! I own my own club, have 3 horses and go to the disco with my friends every week! If you happen to see me, I am under Myra Starweb and my club is open, and if you want to join, at least one of us have to know you. Hope this helped, and hope to see y’all around!

Been playing this game for three hours, bought the star rider pass, and i’m still irritated. I cannot feed, water, or groom my horse he just gets sadder and sadder. Nothing anyone has said has star stables cheats helped or work. Can’t use the well i don’t have a bucket and can’t find where to buy one. Bought food yet no matter where i go it says i can’t feed the horse there. I play SL and WOW as well.